Product Design

Product Design is one of engineering’s toughest pursuits. A significant reason for the difficulty is the intense focus required on both cost and reliability of the end product. This, combined with shorter product life cycles, and in recent years form being prioritised over function, are all reasons why we believe there has been a general decline in the quality of products in today’s market place.

Function and form have to co-exist and one should not dominate the other. To design bullet-proof, aesthetically-pleasing product to a price point in less time means you have to make higher quality decisions and faster than ever before. This is where significant mechanical engineering experience and design intuition sets us apart from the field. It leads to an ability to ask the right questions at the right time, to set you on the right track as early as possible in the development cycle.

If sharp end analytical skills (FEA simulations) are required then we ensure that they are applied to the appropriate areas of the project in the most cost effective manner, avoiding traps such as paralysis by analysis. If necessary our general project oversight includes ensuring that you have a sound IP (Intellectual Property) strategy for your product and a firm eye on what your end game is likely to be. From this point we can take full ownership of your product development and handle the complete product management if needed.

Examples of our public domain Product Design work undertaken as documented in the side links.

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