Die Casting & Plastic Part Design

Die cast and plastic part design is an art form as much as it is an engineering discipline. With the rise of 3D printing enabling virtually any shape to be made, it is easy for modern day designers to become lazy or lose sight of the fact that the end deliverable for mass produced parts must be economic, as in production mouldable. This is important from an economic perspective as cost is always critical for any production part.

Designing parts with full mould draft and fillet radii applied takes a thorough understanding of the process involved. Determining the best moulded part split line without affecting the parts functionality takes plenty of experience particularly with complicated production parts.

Generally you want to add as many functional features to moulded parts as possible, as this typically keeps the number of components in a product assembly down and hence the assembly time & cost down etc. This all needs to occur while being mindful of aesthetics if the part is also to be an external assembly component, as in visible to the outside world.

Our significant experience in these disciplines makes all of the above second nature. Along with our extensive knowledge of Engineering Plastics and Aluminium we also work alongside industry leading tool makers and contract moulding shops to ensure the best possible outcome.

Examples of our public domain die cast and plastic part design work undertaken are as documented in the side links.

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