About Us

Design Smart is a small team of experienced and motivated people with extensive and varying engineering backgrounds. Design Smart employees and subcontractors typically have more than 25 years' experience in engineering design. Each engineer brings an enormous amount of expertise to our projects. Design Smart is a technology-based engineering support service company. We offer a range of engineering services from individual component design to complete project management. Our full range of services include:-


Design Smart takes pride in undertaking projects that others claim are difficult, delivering quality results on time and within budget. Working closely with our clients, we strive to produce solutions that exceed expectations.

Confidentiality of clients' design information is of utmost importance.

Design Smart has standard confidentiality and terms on trade agreements that can be forwarded on request.

Note all images and information on this site have been part of the public domain via commercially available product or published patents for some time. Design Smart has also undertaken other significant design work that cannot be displayed or discussed for confidentiality reasons. Any non-public domain information that could jeopardise a client's commercial advantage is sacrosanct.